2 Chainz-like Me ringtone

2 Chainz-like Me ringtone lyrics

They ain't never seen a nigga like me uh
She ain't never seen a nigga like me uh
Chance of that is unlikely
2 Chainz in my white tee
I wipe her down and I pipe her down
I give my girl money to go out of town
You give your girl money to go to Niketown
And I one-night her, you must like her
Kill niggas with one-liners, all I need is one lighter
Counting so much money, I got arthritis
So cold I frostbite 'em, no Pig Latin but I hog-tied 'em
If she gets this business then I (make her fall in love)
With a nigga like me I'm killing this beat
Skeet skeet skeet skeet, skeet on my sheets
On top, from the back, I thundercat like (HOE!)
My girl got a big purse with a purse in it
And her pussy so clean I can go to church in it!
Oh Lord, O-M-G, I am the O-N-E
How ya like me now, it's cool but she want more D
Moet by the fireplace, this is how desire taste
And I'm 'bout to buy a case (leggo)

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