All My Friends ringtone

All My Friends ringtone:

All my friends are wasted
And I hate this club
Man I drink too much
Another Friday night I wasted
My eyes are black and red
I'm crawling back to your bed

[Verse 2: Chance the Rapper]
I hate the bar
Pharmacy addict hit a Wall Street traffic, took the car
We reinvent the wheel just to fall asleep at it, skrrr
Crash on the floor, catch the ZZZ's
Popping the polar opposite the NZT
Hip hop and the propaganda say they name brand
But I done seen how the xan did my main man
The nights we won't remember
Are the nights we won't remember
I'll be gone 'till November
All my city calls me Simba
Dreams are made for cages nigga
Lions are for real nigga
Dying is for real, niggas dying off of pills nigga
Friday's awful chill and I escaped the treachery
I just had to rest in peace the recipe
The rest of us are praying that the sand will leave a tan
If you're up right now, hope you hear what I'm saying
Hope you hear what I'm saying

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