Armed & Dangerous – Juice WRLD ringtone

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Ringtone Armed & Dangerous - Juice WRLD Lyrics :

I'm in town (Yeah, uh)
Party's goin' down (You dig? It's goin' down, hoo)
Shoot 'em down (Bow)
With a .50 round (You dig? A .50 round, hoo, ayy)
Run the town (What?)
Ballin' hard, you outta bounds (You dig? Swish, ayy)
So much money, damn it
I forgot the count (Cash, cash, cash, you dig? Hoo)
Ayy, look at my bank account (You dig? Hoo)
Look at the cash amount (Hoo, ooh, you dig?)
I get the cash, I'm out (Yeah, hoo)
I do the dash, I'm out (You dig? Yeah, hoo, ooh)
Look at my bank account (You dig? Ooh)
Look at the cash amount (You dig? Skrt, uh)

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