Clout – Offset feat. Cardi B ringtone

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Ringtone Clout - Offset feat. Cardi B Lyrics :

Bitch, watch your mouth (Watch it)
Bitch, stay in your place (Place)
Bitch, get out the way (Move)
My bitch on your ass, Kim K (Yeah)
No disrespect (Nah)
The nigga be tripping, but we love Ye (He tripping)
Swapping our cars with my bitch
I bought her the Lambo she bought me the Wraith (Swappin')
Practice, practice, practice make perfect
Nigga, it's never too late (Never, never, never)
I took the ssss outta the snake (I took the soul out the snake)
Did not see the bills up out of the bank (Racks)
The blog and the media fake (They fake)
Shorty DM me, I'm straight (I'm straight)
I'm not gon' bite on the bait (Nah)
Sippin' on toxic waste (Look)
On the low with your bitch and it's great (On the low)
Mask on her face, Jason
Run to the set, we in shape (Show)
If I go broke she gone leave, escape (She gone)
I put 2 mill in the safe just in case, don't go my way (no cap)

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