Deja Vu 2 – J. Cole ringtone

Deja Vu Ringtone:

Club jumping, don't stop (off top)
But you know we only go 'till 2 o'clock
Put yo motherfuckin' hood up, this the weekend
Drop that, back that ass up and bitches get to freaking
Last call at the bar ladies get a drink, nigga get some balls
Ain't no telling you gonna see that bitch tomorrow
Stop holding up the wall waiting for the right song
Better holla cause you know they bout to cut the lights off

And put my number in it..
I'm staring at you from afar, I'm wondering about you
Like, where you from and who you are?
Cause you a star—no, not the type that snort the white lines
I mean the type to light the night time
I heard you got a man
But who in their right mind is letting you out the house alone?
Tell me is your house a home?
Why you in the club looking like you out to zone?
I be discreet and pull out your phone and put my number in it
Text a nigga when your man leave you unattended
On a scale from 1 to 10 that girls 100
And I want it, no question
I know destiny well and know I seen the Lord blessing me still


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