Dirt On My Boots – Jon Pardi ringtone

Dirt On My Boots ringtone:

Been up since the crack of dawn
Just trying to get paid
Been hotter than a hundred suns
I can't find no shade
Just two more rows and I'm good to go
Yeah, I'm shutting this tractor down
Get me a half an hour for a shave and a shower
And I'll be outside your house

Might have a little dirt on my boots
But I'm taking you uptown tonight
Might have a little mud on my wheels
But they're gonna shine with you up inside
Gonna hit the club, gonna cut a rug
Burn it up like neon lights
Might have a little dirt on my boots
But we're gonna dance the dust right off them tonight

Shotgun Rider

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Fs up church

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East bound down

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