DJ Luke Nasty – OTW ringtone

OTW ringtone:

Look, in '09 we used to get high baby
Lowkey we was like Bonnie and Clyde baby
It was plain as day we still tried to hide
Them feelings inside do you remember the times baby
Remember we used to vibe baby
You roll it up and I used to drive baby
You light it up and I gripped your thigh baby
Aye, just tell me it's mine baby
Yeah, she like nigga where you at
I told you two rights, at the light make a left (wait)
And you already know
Park in the visitor so you won't get towed
It's been a minute baby I've been on the road
I'm getting money 'cause I gotta do shows
Yeah, go tell her that I'm home
And tell her I can't talk on the phone
'Cause you know i'm doing

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