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Eminem channels decades of horror films in the new video for "Framed". The song evokes early Eminem songs like "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" in the eerie way he raps about stalking Christie Brinkley and President Trump's daughter.

"Framed" appeared in November on Eminem's Revival. The album has sold over a million copies worldwide, and spawned a pair of top 20 hits in the U.S.: "Walk on Water," a collaboration with Beyoncé, and "River," which featured Ed Sheeran.

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Ringtone Framed - Eminem Lyrics:

But hey man, I was framed
I know what this looks like, officers
Please just give me one minute
I think I can explain
I ain't murdered nobody
I know these words are so nutty
But I'm just here to entertain
How come your shirt is so bloody?
There's a missing person, so what? He's
Got nothin' to do with me
I'm almost certain I was framed

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