Light My Body Up – Lil Wayne ringtone

Light My Body Up ringtone:

Girl you know I brought that thing right up out the darkness
Made that thing a starfish, right up on my swordfish
I'ma bring sparks and your favorite narcs
Ooooh, you raise the bar, you take it far, you rated R
But keep it tight tight, take this D, go night night
Go so far downtown on you, I lose Wi-Fi
Give me high five
'Cause you know you gon' need a goon to come lick, lick your wounds
Got you lit like tick tick tick, like tick tick tick
Tick tick, Tune

You got something that I believe
I've been waiting for all my
We're blazing high, smoke fill the night
I'm gasoline, you're fire
Oh, you're burnin' me down, burnin' me down
Oh, you're burnin' me down, burnin' me
Light my body up

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