No Lie – Sean Paul ringtone

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No Lie ringtone lyrics:

Feel your eyes, they all over me
Don't be shy, take control of me
Get the vibe it's gonna be lit tonight

Baby girl yuh a carry ten ton a fatness, gimme some a dat
Mixed with the badness, look how she act
Shaped like a goddess, but turn up, don’t stop
It's a good piece of mentals under the cap
Hot piece of gear, mami love all your chat
Watching every step of the pep of the what you got
Stayin' in my brain, mama when you're out of touch
And my aim is to give you this love

Hypnotic the way you move
Let me acknowledge the way you do
And I would not lie or play you
Beam me up like Scottie
It's so hypnotic, the way you move
That's why I wanted to get to you
And I would not lie or play you
It's so hypnotic

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