OTW – DJ Luke Nasty ringtone

OTW ringtone:

Doing 80 in a 60 fuck a ticket
'Cause I ain't had that pussy in a minute (in a minute)
I told her when I get it I'ma hit it (I'ma hit it)
She told me that she want it
I'll be there when I'm finished
Ooh girl, I'm on the way (aye)
I just left the club and I'm 'bout to make a play I'm on the way (way)
She told me that she cooking I said gone and make a plate
I'm on the way aye ya ya ya
I'm on the way aye ya ya ya
I'm on the way aye ya ya ya
I'm on the way aye ya ya ya
Ooh girl I'm on the way

You know you on my mind
I see you getting thick from behind and them thighs
She looked at me like Nyla
Said nigga why you lying
Girl with all that shaking might as well come with fries
Love it when she cook steak and taters on the side
That grown women shit
Might as well add some wine
She like baby hurry up
So we can take our time
Fine I'ma call you when a nigga outside (aye)

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