Plastic – Jaden Smith ringtone

Ringtone Plastic - Jaden Smith Lyrics :

Woke up one day, I was trappin' (Woah)
I give a fuck 'bout the fashion (Woah)
Look at they stupid reaction (Woah)
Cameras roll and it's action (Woah)
I do not fuck with the wack shit (No)
I'm on a island, Staten (What?)
I'm a genius, need a patent (Yeah)
I'ma need a sexy mamacita sippin' margaritas in the mansion (Woo)
I need everyone's attention (Woo)
I keep the- with extensions (Woo, woo, woo, woo)
I'ma pull up like a rockstar
Hit me up, then it gettin' popped off (Let's go)
We got a whole different exit (Go)
And we got a different entrance (Go)

Wont let you go good

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