Pure Water – Mustard, Migos ringtone

Ringtone Pure Water - Mustard, Migos Lyrics :

T-Takeoff, no limit to the money (Money, nah)
I picked the gang up, took a flight across the country ('Cross the country, where?)
I tipped the waitress, told her, "Keep the ones comin'"
Hit the store to get some Backwoods and left the Wraith runnin', fuck it
Lookin' like they plottin', but we already on it (On it)
In the lab with Celine like that bag that she wanted (Celine)
A lot of tings, ass bustin' out them jeans, make you want it (Ting)
Make you wanna spend a 50, hit the scene with her, don't it? (Scene)
Whole team full of queens, gotta keep their eyes on me (Queen)
It's a snake in disguise, prolly wanna slide on me (Slide)
I bet they ride on 'em when I put that prize on 'em (Prize)
Ten bad bitches, rotate 'em, got five of 'em (Five)

Uh (Woo, woo), no Master P (Ayy)
Ten bad bitches and they after me (Bad)
One bad bitch look like a masterpiece (Uh)
Lookin' for a dunk, like a athlete (Uh)
Big drip, what you call it? (Big drip, yeah)
Ice chain, pure water (Ice, ice, ice)
You got the cash, but can't afford 'em (Cash, no)
You got the bag but can't afford 'em

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