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Running Back ringtone:

My chick is on Tumblr
Bitch, y'all need a tummy suck
Since Jesus and Nazareth
The realest you've come across
I be with killers just coming home
They only hope is me and the Quran
They only wish is for that new chain
But they stuck up in the ankle bracelet
I get the money stacked
To the moon where it's sunny at
And I move where the realest be
And the quickest, see, baby, you gettin' lapped
Look, the DMV on the map
That's a city, two states if you can count
I'm as real as I say, I never lie
So whenever I go, know I'm runnin' back

These girls just want money stacks
I just want my percent
She told me to hit the hole
I used to play running back
These niggas be fumbling
Don't you give 'em no gun again
This money be flying out here
'Cause money be coming in

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