So Good – Zara Larsson ringtone

So Good ringtone:

Girl, your love so good, girl
Got me comin' back for seconds, what's good, girl?
Got me clearin' out my schedule, tryna link up
Girl you know you 'bout to get that thang beat up
When I pull up, you know what I came for
Dolla lay the pipe, keep some dope D for you
Put your body straight to sleep
I got you wakin' up thankin' me

You be, stuck on it 'cause my love so good
You got me stuck on that, your love so good
So you, keep comin' back to get some more
Got you in your feelings, all emotional
Oooh yeah
My love, my love
My love
So good, so good, so good, so good
So good
You know my love is
So good, so good, so good, so good
You know my love is

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