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Ahead of his upcoming double album, The Beautiful & Damned, G-Eazy unleashes the album’s Zoe Nash-assisted title track.

G-Eazy‘s third studio album The Beautiful & Damned marks a change in tone from the rapper’s usual projects. The effort is being released as a concept album that depicts both sides of himself: one as the artist G-Eazy, and the other as an individual known as Gerald.

Over a head-knocking instrumental, Young Gerald reflects on life’s complexities, ups and downs, “criticism, ridicule, and scrutiny.”

“I’m talking to myself like every night,” he raps. “You could try to be a better guy / But to understand a Gemini / Angel, devil, it’s both him and I / Demons in me, they just multiply / If I don’t kill ’em or I never try / Life is short, men lie, women lie / But a legend, he can never die.”

Ringtone The Beautiful & Dammed Lyrics :

Ever seen a devil with a halo? (y'know, uh)
Ever seen an angel with some horns? (y'know)
Everybody got their own demons
Everybody fightin' their own war (uh)
I can be an angel sometimes, I can be real fucked up
I miss you only sometimes, I give you real tough love
'Cause I'm a devil with a halo

[Verse 2: G-Eazy]
Put the hours in, put the work in
Swear I try so hard to be perfect
But sometimes, shit feels like a burden
'Cause I still ain't shit but a person
Switch lanes in the Porsche that I'm swervin'
Tell myself slow down off the bourbon
"When you drive like that, it made me nervous"
Not tonight, not closing the curtains
When I die, not trying to see hell
Feel like I'm headed that way in a V12
And I just broke up with my female

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