The London – Young Thug Feat. J. Cole & Travis Scott ringtone

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The London Ringtone Lyrics:

Yeah, circumnavigate the globe as the cash grows (Grow)
Get a nigga whacked like you get the grass mowed (Mowed)
I'm talkin' slick when I'm with the Big Slime, nigga (Slime)
Could hit your bitch, you could never hit mine, nigga (Mine)
In my DM, they electric slide, nigga (Huh, slide)
No catfishin', this is not a fish fry, nigga
Never switch sides on my dog
Catch a contact, hitch a ride, go to Mars
Everybody sing
How could you come up out your face
And say I ain't the hottest nigga you done ever heard?
I left a flock of rappers dead and buried
A verse from me is like 11 birds
I did the math, it’s like two thousand dollars every word
I'm on the verge, I'll beat the charge
I killed some niggas and I walked away from it
Then I observe, just how you curve
Then told the nigga that they gotta wait for it
"I know—I know you in hot demand"
I'm ballin' on a pussy nigga like Juwanna Mann
I'm drownin' all inside the pussy like I never swam
Ayy, fuck your IG, I put somethin' on your sonogram
I'm the man, ayy, ayy

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