Time Of Our Lives – Pitbull, Neyo ringtone

Time Of Our Lives ringtone:

Ooh give me the time of my life
Let’s get it now
This is the last $20 I got
But I’mma have a good time ballin’ or out
Tell the bartender line up some shots
Cause I’mma get loose tonight
She’s on fire, she’s so hot
I’m no liar, she burned the spot
Look like Mariah, I took another shot
Told her drop, drop, drop, drop it like it’s hot
Dirty talk, dirty dance
She a freaky girl and I’m a freaky man
She on the rebound, broke up with her ex
And I’m like Rodman, ready on deck
I told her I wanna ride out, and she said yes
We didn’t go to church, but I got blessed

Me and My Broken Heart

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