Too Much Sauce – DJ ESCO Ft. Future, Lil Uzi Vert ringtone

Too Much Sauce Ringtone:

Yeah, all of my diamonds they shine
Haters like "knock that off"
Yeah, all of your diamonds are fake
Need to stop that dawg
You really kissin' that girl like she ain't top me though
Shaquille O'Neal with the haters cause I'm blockin' y'all
Yeah, yeah, that's too much sauce
Rockin' VLONE when I'm rockin' Off-White
That's too much sauce
Yeah, she smile at me on her teeth with that ice
That's too much sauce
Yeah, smokin' that gas got me high like a kite
Yeah, yeah, too much sauce, yeah, yeah
Diamonds they look like Dasani huh, more like Voss, aye
Yeah, that boy saw my chain, he said "what's the cost?", aye
You wanna know the amount? Can you count?

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