Wop Wop Wop ringtone

Wop Wop Wop ringtone lyrics

I made a little bit of money (I made a little bit of money)
I paid my bills (I paid my bills)
I paid this cover (I paid this cover)
I wont stand still (I wont stand still)
Let me see you
Wop [X7]
Now let me see you
Wop [X18]

Wop If you let me get lost, if you don't
Look at the reaction when I hit em in the front
Got fleezy in the back and chello in the front
Listen to the record boy I got what you wont
Beatz so fly cuz the club on chomp
Got hizz like woofs beatin in the back of the door
Ladies take it back throw back the joint
Bend at the waist, lean to the front
Now BOUNCE yo body to the, just a little bit harder
Shawty move yo feet just a little
Aint nobody here wop better than me
Purple flag to the left WHO better than me.
I got an all star squad who better than me.
Man listening to the beat who better the me.
I payed to get in so I ain't goin to jail and then be weepin' way to long...


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