Bang bang – K’naan feat. Adam Levine ringtone

Bang bang ringtone lyrics

She shot me, she shot me,
Bang, bang... she shot me.
She shot me, she shot me,
Bang, bang. (Get out the way, yo)

Ahh.... there she goes again,
The girl is Ethiopian.
In other words, she came through explodin’
In the podium, dynamite
Napoleon like sodium mixed with petroleum,
Slowly but surely, she was walking toward me
Cut the convo short ‘cause she had to wake up early,
But continuing the story,
Don’t worry she gave me digits for her Blackberry
"You’re very handsome" is what she said.
And the way she looked in my eyes said "Put me to bed."

Oh my, oh my, I should have known when she said to me on the phone:
"You do not know me very well, but I would never hurt a fly."
Then she aimed at my chest with love in her eye.
I said she aimed at my chest with love in her eye.

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