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Download Ringtone Vossi Bop - Stormzy Free

Stormzy returned with brand new music for 2019 recently with his brilliant new single 'Vossi Bop' and it instantly made its way onto the Capital XTRA playlist - but it turns out some of you have been rapping along with the lyrics incorrectly.

With the song Vossi Bop reportedly battling it out for the number one spot on the UK charts, many people took to social media to post lyrics to the songs as captions on Instagram or as tweets to show their love for the song, but one fan's tweet caught Stormzy's attention.

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Ringtone Vossi Bop - Stormzy Lyrics :

You ain't got a clue, let's be honest
I had a couple seeds, I made a forest
I put in the work and take the profit
Lookin' at my girl like "What a goddess" (thank God)
Rule number two, don't make the promise
If you can't keep the deal then just be honest (just be honest)
I could never die, I'm Chuck Norris (Chuck Norris)
Fuck the government and fuck Boris (yeah)
I'm a villain, killin' when I'm barrin'
Brothers in the hood just like the movie that I star in
Servicin' my whip, I phoned the boss to bring my car in
I could probably take your chick, but I just wouldn't 'cause she's jarrin', oh
I got the sauce (sauce), don't know what you thought (thoughts)
Catch me up in the snow in my sliders and my shorts (shorts)
Chicks tryna get my brother Flipz to share his thoughts
I think he's tryna tell me I should tell her he don't talk
I don't fuck with her

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