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Last November, City Girls issued a challenge in hopes of discovering the world's greatest twerker. The top 20 girls would get "flewed" out to Miami and join Yung Miami and Cardi B on the set of their music video "Twerk."

Though they announced the winner in December, on Wednesday (Jan. 16), City Girls released their visual headlined by a troupe of booty shaking savants.

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Ringtone Twerk - City Girls ft. Cardi B Lyrics :

Look, this sound like Cardi took the stage (Cardi)
This sound like Cardi with the braids (With the braids)
Jermaine Dupri, baby, money ain't a thing (Ain't a thing)
This pussy wild, they should throw it in a cage (Grr)
See my lifestyle, precise gal (Gal)
I be dripped up and wiped down, uh
I see them hoes lookin' cold, lookin' stiff, uh
Thick bitch God's gift to a dick, woo (Woo)
Drop low, look back, shit fat, shit fat
I just drop-kicked your bag, six pack, six pack
I just jumps on hit charts, impact, impact
Stop that chit-chat, get smacked, bitch better relax

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