I Think She Like Me – Rick Ross ringtone

I Think She Like Me ringtone:

Layin' in my bed, I'm under these gold chandeliers
Can't say too many names in here these kinda years
Nice sweaters and these icy diamonds on my wrist
Ice Cube lookin' nigga, you know life a bitch
I once got no allowance, now I got the crown
I said I was The Boss, nobody made a sound
Really had to see them things, this level story tellin'
Who else could flip a chorus into 40 million?
Out in Cannes with Leonardo DiCaprio
While out on bond, pray I go to trial rapido
8 felonies, tellin' me wanna give me life
Every nut I bust really, I gotta do it twice
Ricky Ronaldo, really when I'm in Portugal
I pull a yacht out, this weekend, I'm fuckin' so and so
Cameras flash, paparazzi layin' in the grass
Tom Brady my new neighbor, you can tell 'em that

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